I am sitting inside of my room,
It’s raining outside.
Actually, it’s not raining.
It’s the emotion of the sky.
Dear sky,
let it flow over me.
Keep raining all night.

What a coincidence!
We both are suffering.
But there is a little difference
when you suffer, I feel pleasure.
So please, don’t stop suffering.
Keep suffering all night.

My eyes can rain with your drops.
My mouth can shout with your thunder,
And nobody knows about it.
Isn’t it fantastic?
It’s so melodious to me.
Keep thundering all night.
It’s not the lightning,
It’s the energy you transfer.
So please, don’t stop energizing,
Keep lightning all night.

It’s not only me,
enjoying your presence.
My windows are playing seesaw with your air.
fair it is, no?
Please let them rejoice,
Keep blowing all night.

Oh,,, dear sky!
I’m feeling you in me.
let me feel glance of suffering,
Grace me with the taste of your harvest
please don’t stop raining,
Keep raining all night.

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