Era Of Leadership

It’s time to take our leadership back,
Let’s Lead by our Culture & Language!
Thousands of years ago,
Nation Nepal used to be the leader of the world!
So rich in art, craft, language & literature.
And, now, begging to return our land from the neighbors!
I command you to open your eyes
Look beyond the fake pride and see how poor we are?
What happened to our pride?
What made us lose our Organic-Identity?
Shall we live on someone’s agenda?
Or we have got the claim to implement our own!
Let’s research on own-selves to mine the treasures of knowledge.
Let’s learn from history, follow the path of the ancients to discover new era.
To grow an economic garden,
Time to lock the borders & end dependency,
Rise youth, rise up give up the misery of mystery.
The nation is seeking you & your leadership!

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